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College of Graduate Studies - Kuwait University

Transcript (enrolled students)

For students that did not satisfy graduation requirements

Transcript (graduated students)

For graduated students that were issued a transcript previously after graduation

Transcript (recently graduated students)

For student that graduated recently and ordering a transcript for the first time after their graduation.

Certificate of enrollment

For continuing students that are either enrolled or have not graduated yet

Certificate of Graduation

For students already graduated and issued a certificate of graduation previously after their graduation

Certificate of Graduation (recently graduated)

For students requesting a certificate of graduation for first time after their graduation

Certificate of Program Studying Language

For graduated student. This certificate can be requested for programs taught in English

Payment Certificate

This certificate is used as a proof that the a payment was received by the College of Graduate Studies for a specific semester (Please specify the semester in the comments section)

Submit Graduation Clearance Form

For students in their graduation term. This form is obligatory to satisfy graduation requirements. The form must be submitted after final grades are posted.

Diploma Form Submission

This service is for students wanting to terminate master degree study and get a diploma instead. Students must have at least 2.67 GPA and finished 21 credit hours from 500 levels courses. A clearance form must be submitted as well

Certificate of Graduation Requirements Fulfilment

This certificate is for students that fulfilled all graduation requirements and awaiting KU president official decision.

Certificate of Admission For Recently Admitted Students

This certificate is for students who need a proof of admission to the college of graduate studies for their employer or any other official entity. This certificate is for students admitted for the academic year 2020/2021

Request your degree Diploma

This service is for students graduated in the academic year 2018/2019 or earlier. You will be required to provide your original civil id.

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